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April 2006 OSC Audit of DEC DOW

"Audit Finds DEC Division of Water Did Not Follow Procurement Rules, Had No Contract in Place for $20 Million Project"

Office of State Comptroller Press Release

Full Report (1.5 Mb PDF)


2004 Comments Concerning Privatizing Environmental Monitoring:

Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli  (54Kb PDF)

PEF Research's Steve Connolly (145Kb PDF)

PEF/encon Executive Board Rep Wayne Bayer (72Kb PDF)

PEF/encon Division Leader Mike Keenan (74 Kb PDF)

PEF/encon LM Chair Dave Persson (88Kb PDF)


Pertinent Section of NYS Supreme Court Decision (SPOC vs DEC) Concerning Changing from Environmental Monitors being DEC Employees to Contractors Is a Substantive Change Requiring a Public Hearing

Filed on May 17, 2004 (121Kb)

DEC's Reply to Senator Breslin's Concerns About Staffing & Outsourcing

Dated March 17, 2004 (52Kb)

DEC Memo Concerning RACNE/IAGT Outsourcing

Dated March 8, 2004 (330Kb)


PEF Letter to Hevesi Re DEC Shadows

Sent on Dec. 31, 2003 (0.6 Mb)




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