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April 3, 2003


James Kersten (Co-Chair) PEF/EnCon - Buffalo

Joseph Lattanzio (Co-Chair) DEC Director of Employee Relations - Albany

Jean Edouard DEC Director of Health & Safety - Albany

Mark Cadrette Health & Safety Office - Albany

Holly Clark PEF - Albany

Jack Marsch PEF - Region 6

Wayne Bayer PEF - Albany

Jonathan Rosen PEF Headquarters

Laverne French CSEA - Region 5

Matt Kozak CSEA Headquarters - Albany

Marie Furlong DEC Office of Employee Relations - Albany [Minutes]


Minutes were approved and posted on the Office of Employee Relations website on 4/1/03.

Local Committee Formation

PEF expressed concerns about security issues at Region 7. The Statewide Committee will reach out to the regional committee. J. Kersten to follow up with J. Lattanzio.

It was mutually agreed to suspend the early part of the agenda [Committee Membership, Reports/Recommendations, Fleet Management/Regional Fleet Managers, News & Views] to allow time for the PEF presentation on Workplace Violence/ Security.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources has recently assigned Jack Cooper as their Division’s Health & Safety Coordinator. The Health & Safety Unit staff will be working with him on any outstanding SOP issues.

Supervisors’ Health & Safety Training

The Contracts Unit is reviewing the training package. The project will remain on hold pending financial support.

Defensive Driving Training

The program has been completed for the year. Three (3) Central Office and 8 Regional Office sessions were held. It was mutually agreed to drop this issue from the agenda.

Department Health & Safety Budget Initiative/Staffing

There was no update to report.

Accident Reporting Forms (RE: SOPs)/OSHA Record-Keeping Rules (Update 300, 301/Injury & Illness)

The forms are posted on the web and the disclaimer has been removed. PEF inquired as to whether the yearly statistics form (PESH SH900) had been posted in the DEC Headquarters lobby. It was mutually agreed to drop this item from the agenda. Update: Health & Safety staff confirm that this report has been posted.

World Trade Center (WTC) Medical Monitoring Task Force

All scheduled medical exams have been held, and the program has been completed. A few employees who either failed to be initially identified or changed their minds about participating have come forward recently and were accommodated.

Upon inquiry from PEF, J. Edouard detailed the notification process: The employee is examined by EHS. If a problem is discovered, the employee is asked to identify his/her personal physician, and EHS contacts that physician. If upon further examination the personal physician determines further consultation is required, a referral is made to a specialist. PEF feels that the notification process is problematic in that personal physicians are not necessarily qualified to make that diagnosis. The employees should be seen by qualified occupational health physicians. Mt. Sinai has posted on its website the proper method of treatment which can be downloaded and taken to private physicians. PEF did a mailing to all of their employees identified as WTC exposed. J. Rosen to send a copy to J. Edouard.

Courtesy of an asthma grant from NIOSH, Dr. Matt Mauer of the Health Department is conducting a survey comparing WTC-involved State employees and employees in similar job titles. CSEA, PEF and State Police union will participate. More info is available from Chuck Vejvoda, GOER. Participants are being paid $10 to fill out survey; $25 to participate in a follow up phone call.

Evacuation Procedures/Emergency Preparedness Plan

As a result of the recent retirement incentives, J. Edouard is scheduling tenant safety organization (TSO) training for new Central Office TSOs and regional TSOs. Training will be done by the Department of State.

Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

EHS is in the process of assuming responsibility for the training and administration of the AEDs. This was previously under the auspices of Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO). As Management still awaits the finalization of an AED MOU by GOER and the unions, AED purchases remain on hold.

Right to Know Training

No update.

Safety Incentive Differential (SID)

No update. J. Rosen to check and let J. Lattanzio know whether PEF included this issue in the current contract negotiations.

Regional H&S Committees’ Annual Recommendation for Award - Propose Regional Committee

Management would like to nominate the Division of Operations for their generosity in funding hearing booths, a nurse’s scale/installation and the purchase of indoor air quality equipment for the Department.

DEC H&S Joint Training & Conference/Statewide Proposal for Pro-Active H&S Refresher of All Regional Committees and Their Activities

No update.

VIN Etching Program

The Albany Police Department and the Office of Employee Relations conducted a VIN Etching session on Saturday, April 19, 2003. Approximately 60 DEC employees participated.

Class B Biosolids

No update.


The Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources is incorporating botulism information into their SOPs. It was mutually agreed to drop this issue from the agenda.

Respiratory Protection Committee

The Health & Safety staff continue to work with the Office of Public Protection (OPP) to standardize all personal protective equipment. A Department-wide draft plan is being developed with the assistance of OPP and the Divisions. The plan will be consistent with OSHA standards.

Incident Command (IC): Weapons Mass Destruction

A Statewide Emergency Response Program is under development. Assistant Commissioner J. Tuffey is heading DEC’s participation in this effort. PEF inquired as to what extent DEC employees will be involved in the event of a disaster, and whether DEC employees will be protected from radiological exposure (for which they are not trained). Management assured PEF that proper training and equipment will be provided. Level A exposure is not anticipated. PEF to provide J. Lattanzio with a statement of concerns.

Body Armor (C-82)

No update.

Smallpox Vaccinations

The nationwide program has been put on hold in nine states including New York State. DEC is not participating in this program.


Workplace Violence/Security (J. Rosen)

After a presentation by J. Rosen, the Committee discussed the possibility of putting together a document of helpful tips/guidelines for dealing with workplace violence. PEF suggested forming a sub-committee to assess the extent of violence in the workplace. M. Kozak and J. Rosen offered to initiate a survey to solicit statistics. They will involve Council 82 in this effort. Management will consider these proposals.


The next meeting will be held on May 29, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 1022, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY.



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