was initiated in 2002 in the Central Office.


In January 2002, the Department received formal approval from the Department of Civil Service and the Governorís Office of Employee Relations to implement a nine (9) out of ten (10) day compressed pay period work schedule Pilot Program in its Albany Central Office. On February 28, 2002, a six (6) month Compressed Pay Period (CPP) Pilot Program was initiated with two hundred and nine (209) participants. One hundred and ninety-three (193) of these employees are still currently participating in the program.


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2002 CPP Pilot Guidelines

2002 CPP Pilot Application

9 out of 10 Schedule Choices

Time Sheet Training Cover Page

Time Sheet Examples for Overtime Eligibles

Time Sheet Examples for Overtime Ineligibles

Work Hour Adjustments for OT Ineligibles

2003 CPP Pilot Report & Recommendation

Committee Recommendation (January 2003):

Based upon the survey responses, the PERC Committee believes the CPP Pilot Program was successful and provided a valuable benefit to participating employees, as well as to the participating Department programs. Additionally, although the Committee acknowledges it is unable to determine/report any conformable environment impact(s) (positive or negative), it, nevertheless, believes the overwhelmingly favorable response to the program by our employees in itself makes the pilot a success and warrants favorable consideration for its expansion.

Accordingly, the PERC Committee recommends that, should the CPP program be approved by the Department of Civil Service for full implementation within the DEC Central Office, DEC Executive approve the program as a permanent offering available (pursuant to established guidelines) to all Central Office employees.

Additionally, the Committee also recommends that Executive consider offering the CPP program in the near future throughout the Departmentís Regional offices.




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