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The letter below was sent  to the 491 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations of the AFL-CIO

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April 2009 SinglePayerNY Newsletter


May 1, 2009

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Beside the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, there is no issue more important to the labor movement than health care reform.  We all know the havoc this issue causes at the bargaining table and the suffering millions of our fellow citizens are forced to endure because they lack insurance or are forced to file for bankruptcy because of medical bills.

            While the discussion of health care reform goes on in the White House and in the Congress, unfortunately, what we are hearing from the media are mostly the voices of the insurance industry and pharmaceutical lobbies; and misguided politicians who think that the healthcare crisis can be solved by either taxing healthcare benefits or mandating that we purchase health insurance.

        The labor movement is critical to rallying progressive forces in our country in order to win health care as a human right not tied to one’s economic status.  Over 125 Central Labor Councils and Area Labor Federations, 39 State AFL-CIOs, 20 International Unions and over 500 local unions have all endorsed HR 676, the “United States National Health Care Act”.  This single payer healthcare legislation was re-introduced by Congressman Conyers and already has 74 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives.

        The Troy Area Labor Council adopted the enclosed resolution at our April meeting for submission to the AFL-CIO September Convention in Pittsburgh.  Also, enclosed is a SinglePayerNewYork newsletter that includes Congressman John Conyers’ Frequently Asked Questions about HR 676.

         We ask that your Labor Council join with us in submitting this or a similar resolution to this year’s AFL-CIO Convention.  Please place the issue of single payer healthcare on the agenda of an upcoming meeting for consideration by your delegate body.   The enclosed resolution has the requisite information for submission of a resolution by your Central Labor Council to the AFL-CIO.

In Solidarity,

Mike Keenan, President

Troy Area Labor Council




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