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PEF H&S Priority LIST


  1) Orange St. Lighting / crosswalk, back end of garage. NIMO is supposed to be putting up some lighting at far corner along sidewalk I think.... This lighting has been completed

2) Pedestrian Safety:

                a) Water Street stairs, are they well lit? , no, not at all

                b) Covering for walkway, PEF council agrees that a roof only would be the best solution.

c) Metal spikes ( remnants of signs) at end of dirt path to "c" lot, need to be covered with a more permanent structure., cones get stolen..

d) Higher fencing in Water St lot, where it borders RR bridge, fencing where vandals enter. These are prime parking spots but prone to vandalism;

                e) Cameras and panic buttons in lots ( similar to what Progressive has)

                f) Addition of Cones in the Orange Street crosswalk

3) Handicap bathrooms on all floors - PEF continues to advocate for

4) Incident report log - PEF requested copy

5) Formally inquire about HVAC filtration, how often are filters changed and what triggers a change? and what if anything occurs on a regular basis? A memo has been sent, we await response

6) Request to inspect HVAC room. This is a standing request

7) White Noise - PEF request a trial period of no noise

8) Install emergency lighting in restrooms.

9) Formal letter re: sidewalks to "c" lot and crosswalk

10) AEDís should be hard wired to a 911 call center, and they should have consistent placement on floors

11) Results of wind experiment - guards report that the doors are working better now with the wind breaks there



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Last Updated on November 29, 2016