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Protecting the Publicís Health &

  NYSís Environment for Over 35 Years

2018-19 PEF/encon Stewards

Council Leader: Rich Coriale

Assistant Council Leader:  Terry Tyoe

PEF/encon Executive Board Constituencies

PEF Executive Board Reps: Rich Coriale,

Bruce Giddings, Aseem Kumar & Gina Fanelli (Div 385)

Labor-Management Chair:  Chris O'Neill / Asst. Todd Caffoe


PEF/encon Spring 2019 Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application as a PDF

Completed Applications must be received by MARCH 22nd COB

Three winners will be drawn at random at the March 2019 Division 169 Quarterly Meeting

PEF/encon Steward Nomination Information

Petitions must be received at PEF PO Box by MARCH 22, 2019


Return to: Division 169 Elections Committee c/o PEF,  PO Box 12414, Albany, NY 12212-2414

Roles & Responsibilities of a Steward

Election & Nominations - Past Practices

To understand how unions raise the wages of all working people―union and nonunion alike―and how unions are thriving in diverse workplaces, check out EPIís report, ďHow todayís unions help working people: Giving workers the power to improve their jobs and unrig the economy.Ē

PEF Communicator Re: DEC Members Work In Sports Fishery

PEF/encon's (Division 169) Annual Audit Report for 2016-2017

Benefits of PEF Membership - Job Security & Health Care

June 2016 Statewide Labor Management Minutes

Above Minutes were jointly agreed to on August 23 & 24, 2016

Previous Labor Management Minutes

PEF/encon's Letter Opposing the Privatization of DEC's Environmental Monitors - April 14, 2014

PEF/encon's Comments for the January 29, 2014 DEC Joint Fiscal Committees Budget Hearing

Next time you hear it said that no one has a right to a job: 

Article 23 - Universal Declaration of  Human Rights:

(1)    Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

(2)     Everyone, without any discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

(3)     Everyone who works has the right to just and favorable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

(4)     Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.

Over the past ten years, a series of layoffs and retirements has reduced DEC staff by almost 1,000 people.  This represents a 25% reduction in  DECís staff resources.

Click Here for few examples of how this is affecting you, your family and friends.

PEF/encon's Comments on Draft SGEIS Re Hydro-Fracking - Jan. 11, 2012

PEF/Encon's Statement on Proposed DEC Budget - Feb. 8 2011

Proposed DEC Budget - Feb. 1, 2011

PEF/encon's Statement to the 11-18-2010 Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee Hearing on Oversight of the NYSDEC Budget

DEC Budget Cut is Especially Severe:

May 8 2010 Article in Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Follow-up Letter to the Editor

Statement on DEC Budget - Jan 26, 2010

PEF/encon requests 30 day comment period extension & 1 year moratorium of expansion of gas well hydro fracturing

Click here for Adobe Copy of Dec 28, 2009 Letter

PEFencon's DEC Budget Statement

NYS AFL-CIO Unanimously Passes Resolution Endorsing HR 676

August 2007 Email to Commissioner Grannis concerning Expansion of Compressed Pay Period Program

Audit Finds DEC Not Meeting Timber Harvesting Goals
Established to Promote Forest Health and Biodiversity

April 17, 2007 Press Release

Full Audit Report (563Kb)

2004 PEF/encon Budget Alert Concerning This (see Fact #5)

Compressed Pay Period & Telecommuting Info

Labor / Management

Our website has the minutes and related issues going back to March 2002.  Please contact any of your stewards with questions, comments and suggestions on these topics.

Civil Service Title List & Classification Standards

Support PEF's Stop Privatization Campaign

A Case Study - DEC's Environmental Monitors

Past Information in Adobe Format

PEF/encon Stewards

Scholarship Information

Single Payer Healthcare HR676

PEF/encon Constitution & Bylaws


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AFL-CIO's Time to Get Real on National Economy


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Union members have been fighting attacks on worker rights
 and protections on many fronts.
 These are not random, unconnected attacks. 
They are the result of a coordinated strategy by a corporate-funded 
ideological movement that aims to eventually destroy the labor movement. 
Other progressive movements have seen hard won gains attacked and eroded as well.

The Right Wing Attack on the American Labor Movement
by Joanne Ricca, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO

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